Preparation Instructions

The formula is easy and fast to prepare.

  1. Clean the bottle, its teat as well as the ring in boiling water 3-5 minutes before using it.
  2. Boil fresh water before every meal and allow to cool down to around 50 ° C/122 ° F.
  3. Fill the bottle with about half of the heated water.
  4. Use the measuring spoon given and, as directed, add the correct number of scoops-usually 1 scoop per 1 fluid ounce of water. Every spoon should be lined flat and not heaped.
  5. Lock the bottle securely and shake the powder until it dissolves fully. Add remaining water then shake gently until the solution is uniformly spread and dissolved.
  6. Make sure to cool the bottle (hold it under cold flowing water) to about 37 ° C/98.6 ° F before giving to your baby. To avoid burns, check the formula on your forearm and ensure sure it is not too hot.

Why is it important to boil the water?

Generally speaking, we suggest following the instructions of the manufacturer.

You can choose any form of clean drinking water (tap or bottled) to prepare organic formulas. To eliminate bacteria that might be found in local water, only use tap water that has been boiled for one minute and cooled down to around 50°C or 122°F. Mix the water with the formula.

May I store prepared bottles for later use?

It's indeed best to prepare a fresh feed every time it is required and to use it instantly. That's because prepared feeds have optimal conditions for growth of bacteria-especially when stored at ambient temperature.

Nonetheless, if you choose to prepare feeds in anticipation of later use, pack them in individual bottles, refrigerate them immediately and put them in the fridge (no more than 5oC). Toss out every refrigerated feed that hasn't been used within 12 hours. Until use, make sure that the bottle is well shook and test the temperature of the bottle when feeding. A drinking temperature of 98.6 ° F/37 ° C is suggested.

Warning: If you don't have a fridge, it isn't possible to prepare the formula in advance - always begin preparing fresh formula when necessary.

How am I going to re-heat refrigerated bottle feeds?

  1. Take the bottle out of the fridge only when it is required./li>
  2. Re-heat for no more than 15 minutes. Feeds may be re-heated by placing them in a tub of warm water. Occasionally turn or whirl the bottle to ensure sure it heats equally.
  3. Test the temperature of the feed by running a little to the inside of your hand. It ought to feel lukewarm, not hot.
  4. Toss out every re-heated feed that has not been eaten within two hours.

Warning: Never use a microwave to re-heat your bottle. Microwave heat unevenly, which can create 'hot spots' that can scald the mouth of the baby.

How long can I safely use an opened formula box?

When the milk formula pouch has been opened, it is subjected to environmental conditions that can influence its consistency. In order to maintain short-term freshness, it is advised to use a milk formula storage package or reseal the pouch and return it to the initial carton wrapping. The duration of storage differs between manufacturers. Holle and Lebenswert milk formulas can remain fresh for up to 2 weeks and HiPP milk formulas can remain good for up to 3 weeks.

It is advised to use a calendar or sticker on the pouches as a nice reminder.

When are the products going to expire?

We always deliver the freshest batch accessible, with an expiry date of roughly one year. Please notice that the expiry dates are as follows: dd-mm-yyyy. For eg, 11-18-16 would be mentioned as 18.11.16 on European formulas.

Absolutely guaranteed that we're not going to offer a perishable commodity that has expired!

How many servings are in a single box?

This depends on the stage of the product and the brand chosen.

Here are a few indications:

  • German HiPP Stage 1: about 150 oz formula mixture.
  • Lebenwert Stage 1: approx. 130 oz of mixed formula.
  • Holle Cow Stage 1: roughly 90 oz of formula mixture.

May I use breast milk instead of water?

We would not suggest inserting additional scoops of milk formula or combining the powdered milk formula with some other product or liquid.

However some mothers combine powdered formula with their breast milk to increase their baby's calories during feeding. It affects the structure of the breast milk as the micronutrients are even more prevalent. We recommend that you uphold the exact guidelines on the bottle or on our website and never combine the recipe with anything but boiled water.

May I carry already prepared bottle feeds while travelling?

Yes - but please ensure the food is cooled before being taken with you and held cool during transport. It will delay or hinder the development of dangerous bacteria.

Prepare the food as usual, cool quickly and put in the fridge (no more than 5°C).

Immediately before you leave home, take the cooled feed bottles out of the fridge and put it in a cool bag containing cold packs.

You should then put the feed in the fridge at your destination, or re-heat the feed when you need it.

When the ride is longer than two hours, you may not be able to hold the pre-prepared food cool. In this scenario, you must prepare the formula when you need it.