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As parents, our priority is to source & supply the best products

Our mission at OnlyFormula

Ensuring your child is healthy is always on a parent's mind, and while it can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. There are so many anxieties and worries you encounter after your child is born; you don’t want to add more, especially when it comes to feeding your baby.

Nowadays, the store-bought formula isn’t organic, and it has been discovered to contain sugar-filled syrups, allergens, GMOs, and harsh chemicals that aren’t good for babies. Essential ingredients that help babies grow and develop healthily are missing.

This is where we come in.

OnlyFormula has parents and their babies at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to ensure your child has the sustenance they need to grow and maximize their health; we produce a high-quality formula that is easily accessible to all - right from the moment you are ready to transition from breastfeeding or to supplement alongside it.

We understand that having access to nutritious formulas shouldn’t be difficult, and we are ready to change that. Having researched every infant formula available across the world, we have tried and tested, spoken to nutritional experts, and more - so you don’t have to.

Together we are building a community of happy parents and happy healthy babies across the world.

We are global

While our headquarters are based in Europe, we are making our formula accessible worldwide. Our team is located across Europe, the United States, South America, and Asia, and we are still expanding so we can bring the best quality formula and support to parents all over.

Our customer support consists of our very own parents, carers and they are all - yes, every single one of them - certified in Infant Nutrition: From Breastfeeding Solids, so they truly do understand what other parents are going through. Our Fulfilment team, who are primarily located in Europe, works hard to ensure all orders reach our customers on time so you have plenty of formula on hand for your hungry babies!

Across the four continents, our senior management team takes care of all other areas of our company and community, such as marketing, business development, and production. Our varied locations and diversity strengthen us and our shared passion and interest in childhood nutrition unite us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If the formula isn’t quite the right fit for your little one, we will work with you to find the best one
we will even give you store credit so you can buy a box on us!

Only the Best for Babies

At OnlyFormula, we take immense care in resourcing only the best products from reliable and trustworthy suppliers; we ensure that all formulas are supplied from authorized distributors of HiPP and Holle.

Time is taken to put together our varied selection of formulas that allow parents to make easier decisions on their babies' food without compromising the nutritious value for their little ones.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you feel our formulas aren’t right for your baby, we will work tirelessly with you to find the best option for them and provide a store credit to the value of one box of formula that was purchased.

We're hiring.

If you're passionate about youth health, please send a message to careers@onlyformula.com

We're growing fast, and we'd love to chat.