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About us and European formula

New parents are faced with a lot of stress and worry when their child is born, formula shouldn’t be another thing to worry about. Ingredient lists and researching what’s best for your baby shouldn’t be difficult, which is where we step in. We have focused and prioritised infant formula so we can provide the best, high-quality formula for your little ones that are easily accessible while building a close-knit community of support for

It is known that European brands such as HiPP, Holle, Jovie and Kendamil have the best quality formulas in the world as they use only organic skimmed milk from cows and goats, lactose, and organic whey for sources of carbs instead of corn syrup and the other harmful refined sugars contained in most US formulas.

Preparing the Formula

Our website has the preparation guide and feeding chart, as well as the nutritional info for each formula; just head to the More Information section on the product page.

We strongly recommend using boiled water so any harmful bacteria are killed. Once boiled, leave the water to cool for no more than 30 minutes before adding the powder, but always read the specific preparation instructions.

Of course! If you have purchased a box formula, the scoop will be inside the box but outside the silver packaging. If you purchased a tin, the scoop tends to be buried in the formula somewhere near the top. To fish it out, it is best to use a dry, sterile spoon.

We do! It’s on our website, here.

Yes, our formulas are suitable to use with Baby Brezza products. While we cannot advise you on what settings to use, you can use the Global Settings finder on their website to find the best settings. If you are unsure, then reach out to their customer service support team.

What is meant by organic formula?

Organic formulas are made with natural ingredients rather than the harmful substances contained in a lot of US formulas. There are
many ingredients considered to be toxic that make their way into formulas, and you can recognize this by just tasting the powder, you’ll be able to detect the metallic tones - you can even smell them before tasting them. But always check the ingredient list because even formulas marketed as “organic” can contain refined sugars and synthetic preservatives.

Our Holle Goat formulas for Stage 1 and are vegetarian friendly as they don’t contain fatty acids from fish oil or ingredients processed with animal enzymes, though the rest of our formulas are not certified vegetarian due to omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. None of our formulas are vegan as they contain organic cow or goat milk.

You can find them in English, as well as our preparation guide, feeding chart, and ingredient list on our product pages.

It is an omega 3 fatty acid that helps to develop early eye and brain function in young children and babies. Extensive research has shown it is crucial for neural tissue growth, immune responses, and promotes visual acuity.

According to scientific research, the EU has decided formulas for babies aged up to one year old should contain DHA, which is shortened version for docosahexaenoic acid. You can access their regulations in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Transitioning FAQs

This is very subjective and depends on you and your little one. Switch to it when you feel ready but remember that you can transition slowly, using the formula as a supplement to breastfeeding for as
long you want to.

Parents typically switch to using stage formula when the baby is six months old, though this is only a guideline age. It just means that your baby is ready for more nutrients now. The only difference is that the stage two formula contains more vitamins and minerals, though the taste is the same. As an example, stage 2 usually contains more iron, though if your baby is getting iron from other sources, such as solid foods, you are able to stay on Pre or stage 1 a little longer. It is always best to seek professional advice from a doctor to find what is best for your baby.

Shipping FAQs

Orders above $99.99 are shipped free of charge.

Our products are coming fresh from Europe straight to your door! For orders placed Monday to Friday, the delivery time will be 2 - 5 business days if you choose express shipping and in 4 - 10 business days via standard shipping. For weekend orders, they will be processed within 48 business hours and then shipped.

Please note the delivery times provided by the courier can be subject to change during busy holiday seasons and large

Yes, we do. We ship orders from our European warehouse globally for personal use only

For shipments outside of the EU, they may be subjected to import taxes, fees, and customs duties, and are not covered by OnlyFormula; these are the responsibility of the customer.

For customers in the US, orders valuing less than $800 are not subject to import taxes.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for the safety of our team and customers, even if they are unopened. This gives our customers the peace of mind that their formula is fresh and sealed, and there is no chance of the product being counterfeit. Though, if your baby has an adverse reaction to a formula, we will work with you to find the best fit and give store credit to the value of one box of formula.

We are incredibly sorry to hear you haven’t received your parcel. Check with your neighbors and any safe places, but if you still can’t locate it, contact the courier and file it as a package not received. After dispatch, the courier accepts the responsibility of the package and it is no longer the responsibility of OnlyFormula.

To get your order sent out as quickly as possible, we process and dispatch very soon after the order is placed. You must contact us before 12 pm PST on the same day you placed the order to cancel it. Unfortunately, due to being closed on weekends, we cannot provide weekend cancellations.

Please note that all shipments come directly from Europe and are delivered straight to your door.

While we have a delivery expectation of 1- days, sometimes there are factors that occur that lead to a slight delay such as busy periods, weather, and customs delays. The package is the responsibility of the courier, but if you can reach out to our customer support team too.

Also, please allow extra time if ordering during the busy holiday season to account for greater carriers' demands. We aren't responsible for problems caused by the carrier.

All packages must be signed for to ensure they reached their destination.

We are sorry to hear this! Please reach out to our customer support team so we can help you the best we can. We cannot contact customs on your behalf, but we can see what we can do to assist.

My product is damaged what do I do?

While we can assure you that your order was in excellent condition upon leaving the warehouse, sometimes during transit factors occur in which the product may have a superficial dent or crease.

Please take a photo of the damaged item and send an email to our customer support team

My product is incorrect, what do I do?

We are sorry there was an error in
processing your order, contact us with this issue, photos of the items, and your order number so we can rectify this mistake.

General FAQs

While this can be tricky, we have a Baby Formula Comparison chart available to make things easier.

We ensure that our high-quality formula is correctly stored so that it stays in the best condition for our customers. Our products are supplied from Northern Europe where temperatures are relatively cool for most of the year, and when we need them, they are shipped to us via air freight.

This is because it has shorter transport times and has better temperature control than sea freight. Lastly, we make sure that our formula’s expiration dates are at least six months away when you receive your order so you have the freshest formula that can be used safely for many months.

We are always staying up-to-date with research and formulas, so we’re constantly on the lookout for the opportunity to stock and share new formulas so we can provide the best nutritious food for babies.

Using them is an off-label use of the product so we do suggest being careful. Regulations concerning toddler formula aren’t as strict as they are for infant formulas, so the safety is less certain.

We guarantee they have at least six months of use when they are delivered to you. We follow the first in, first out model when receiving products so they don’t sit in the warehouse for too long. Our stock is replenished frequently, with multiple shipments placed each week.

Yes, it is common for parents to use this alongside breast milk to feed their little ones. This can be done with all of our products

Our Satisfaction Guarantee FAQs

When you try a new formula out, we recommend allowing 7-14 days for your baby to transition onto it and allow their digestive system to adjust to it. If there are adverse effects caused by the formula, contact us within 21 days of the product being delivered and we will then work with you to find another one to work for you.

 Please do keep in mind that this policy is only valid for adverse reactions and isn’t for babies who just dislike the taste of the product.

Our policy doesn’t extend to babies who were diagnosed with a milk protein allergy after switching to our formulas. Before switching formulas, always consult with a professional.

Our policy covers stages 1 and 2, but not 3.

The transition period should be 7-14 days so your baby’s digestive system has adjusted to the new product, then you should contact us within 21 days of delivery if they have had an adverse reaction.

Our policy states that we do not give refunds but store credit to the value of a single pack of formula.


OnlyFormula offers a monthly subscription on some of our products and the offer includes:

5% ongoing discount

Guaranteed timely monthly shipping so you never run out of formula

Flexible subscription which you can cancel or amend any time

Once you select the option, you choose the number of boxes required each month; there is a recommended guideline to help
too, but we understand every baby is different, so you can change the amount, or even skip a month if you need to.

By signing up for a subscription you will get:

A 5% ongoing discount throughout your subscription.

Guaranteed product shipped out to you every month - never run out of formula again!

A flexible subscription that you can change or cancel at any time.

Just choose the Subscribe Monthly & Save option on select products.

After selecting the subscription option, you will be able to choose how many boxes you want to receive each month. You’ll notice we have recommended a number of boxes that should be sufficient to feed a baby formula full-time. But every baby is different! Rest assured, you can change the amount you receive or skip a month at any time.

Finally, check-out as you normally would! After signing up, you can visit your account on OnlyFormula at any time to manage your subscription.

You can do this by signing in to your account on our website and clicking on the Manage Subscription option; it is quick and easy to do but if you need more assistance then email our customer support team, who will be happy to help.

Of course, head to the manage the subscription option of your account on the website; here you can make any amendments you need before your next month is processed. You can also change the number of boxes you receive each month.

Unfortunately, not for that month. You must cancel before the order is processed because the products are dispatched quickly to ensure a speedy, hassle-free delivery.

Dented/Damaged Products

These products are imported from Europe and brought here via air freight. They then are processed through customs making their journey here a bit longer. The journey also involves more handling (i.e. unloading and loading of the shipment packages at different checkpoints). Therefore, oftentimes the boxes and cans of formula will dent or crease easily.

It is safe to use if the powder is still inside the foil sachets/can. If not, there is a risk of contamination from outside sources during transit. Contact our support team who will be happy to assist.

No, they do not qualify for the guarantee policy we have in place.