Formula Recommendations for Babies 0-6 Months

The first few weeks, as every parent will say, are an exciting and special time. From cuddles to bathtime and sleep routines, there is a lot you must think about and it can be quite stressful - especially when it comes to buying formula and feeding your baby. But it doesn’t have to be. While there are many different brands out there, we have researched, tried, and tested them all to determine the best organic formulas for your child that we are confident will help your little one thrive.


What to look for in a formula

Make sure you look for organic, non-GMO ingredients in formulas - this is why we at OnlyFormula, stock only the best organic formulas in the world. There will be no sign of any sucrose, artificial colors, or preservatives in the formulas whatsoever. Instead, there will be organic/whole milk, organic lactose, whey, vegetable oils, minerals, prebiotics, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids like ARA and DHA.


We stock HiPP, Kendamil, Holle, and Lebenswert formulas that meet the European Commission’s extremely strict regulations and standards for organic certification. The reason we have researched so much into this is that as parents ourselves, we understand what it’s like to go through this. We want only the best for your little ones so they can grow up happy, healthy, and well-fed.


Formula Stages

Our formulas come in stages which correspond with ages, so the nutritional content matches the development need of the babies. This ensures they get enough of the right nutrients and vitamins when they need them most.


Stage 1 formulas are designed for babies aged 0 to 6 months old, with stage 2 usually for babies aged 6 to 12 months old. We do also have a stage 3 for babies over a year. We do have some formulas labeled as “stage PRE,” and while these are intended for the same age range as stage 1, the difference is that PRE formulas have no starch, making it easier for newborns to digest.


OnlyFormula’s 0-6 month formulas

A question we are always faced with by expecting parents is which formula is ‘best’ for their baby. For us, every baby is unique and has different needs, so what works for one baby may not necessarily work for another. The following are our recommendations; these are amazing and certified organic, so they would be best for your baby.


  • HiPP Dutch Stage 1

  • HiPP UK Stage 1

  • Holle Bio Stage PRE

  • Holle Bio Stage 1

  • Kendamil Organic Stage 1

  • Lebenswert Stage 1

  • Holle Goat Stage 1

We also have specialty formulas in stock that are suitable for newborns and older, for those with feeding conditions.

  • HiPP HA Hypoallergenic Stage 1

  • HiPP HA Hypoallergenic Stage PRE

  • HiPP Comfort

  • HiPP AR Anti-Reflux

Top recommendations

Our OnlyFormula comparison chart can aid you in deciding the best formula for your little one - it is quick and easy to understand and tells you which ingredients are in the formulas, such as whey, starch, probiotics, and palm oil.


Best HiPP Stage 1: HiPP Dutch Stage 1

This formula is one of our best-selling ones on our website; it is known for being easily digestible, very tasty, and makes an excellent supplement or substitute from birth. It is free from GMOs, synthetic nutrients and preservatives, gluten, and soy. The main ingredients are organic skim milk, organic lactose, whey, organic vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as DHA and ARA.


Best Holle Stage 1: Holle Bio Stage PRE

New parents can’t get enough of this formula because it is one of the closest formulaically to breast milk, especially when it comes to taste and nutrition. Its ingredient list is simple and easy to understand and has all high-quality, natural ingredients. It does differ from other Holle products because there is no starch or maltodextrin. It contains vegetable oils, omega 3 and 6, lactose, organic whole milk powder, and whey powder. PRE also contains more Demeter-certified milk fat than most others. The theme of their ingredient list was incredibly simple as there are no prebiotics or probiotics, soy, or GMOs.


Best Vegetarian Formula: Kendamil Organic Stage 1

This is one of the most trusted on the market; it uses a whole-milk-based recipe that is proven to be superior for infants’ gut comfort and stool consistency. A milk-based prebiotic oligosaccharide is used, called GOS; it is the only European formula to have HMOs (Human Milk Oligosaccharides, which have a vital role in infant immunity. While it is vegetarian friendly, it still contains the important fatty acids and plant-based DHA needed for growth and development. Instead of fish oil, marine algae is used.


Best Value Stage 1 Formula: HiPP UK Stage 1

The more parents know about this formula, the more it is wanted. It is a fantastic value for money and certainly an ideal choice for infants from birth until six months old. The nutritional content is similar to the HiPP Dutch Stage 1 formula, only it does not contain probiotics, so some parents who buy this decide to give their young ones a probiotic supplement.


Best Alternative to Cow’s Milk: Holle Goat Stage 1

This formula is highly sought after because it is the best option for babies that find it difficult to tolerate cow’s milk in formulas. Making this formula is a minimal process and is made with natural ingredients such as lactose, maltodextrin, vegetable oils, algae oil, and whole organic goat milk. It is one of the very few formulas that are palm oil-free. Babies and parents alike absolutely love this brand of the formula; it’s one of the world’s most nutritious formulas.


However, keep in mind that you consult a pediatrician before switching formulas, especially for allergen reasons.


Best Formula for digestion: HiPP Comfort

This formula is known for its gentleness on the stomach to help with digestion. It can be used on newborns and infants; what makes this so special is that the whey proteins contained within have already been partially broken down and it has less lactose than other formulas, so it has carbohydrate substances such as starch and maltodextrin. Babies that suffer from colic, gas, or constipation will benefit from this formula as it helps to digest the food easily and the babies stay full for longer.


Similar to other HiPP formulas, it has vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics, as well as a blend of vegetable oils (beta palmitate included) to promote calcium absorption. The flipside is that this formula is more processed than other HiPP formulas, it is still free from corn syrup, GMOs, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors.


Our team of infant nutrition experts is here to help guide you, so drop us an email and we can help provide you with the best nutrition advice.