How is baby formula stored? Does it matter?

A question often asked by anxious parents is how the formula is stored and transported from European warehouses. The policies and practices we uphold at OnlyFormula ensure the products remain in excellent condition every step of the way - from the warehouse to your door. Here we will put your mind at ease by putting together a blog with research about formula storage and demonstrate how our supply chain puts that into practice.


Can formula go bad in the heat?

In short, it would need two factors to be spoiled: a very long period of storage in an unusual level of heat, such as 55°C or 131°F; at that temperature, the fats and oils would then become susceptible to autoxidation and therefore break down. This was discovered by food chemistry researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome. In 2015, they did a study as to whether high temperatures in storage facilities would affect powdered infant formula. Around 30 formulas were sampled and they were put in storage at four different temperatures and monitored for over a year.


To conclude, they found that if it is stored for two or more weeks at 55°C then it would be unsafe; if it has been stored for a long while after its expiration date it would then be unusable, and if the original packaging is opened.


OnlyFormula never stores formula anywhere near those unusually high temperatures; they are kept in a storage facility in cooler conditions and they are also carefully monitored to ensure the boxes are not ripped and they have more than six months left of their lifespan than their expiration date.


How do we transport the formula?

Our products start in Northern Europe, where the temperatures are maintained and are cool all year round. We ship directly from those temperature-controlled warehouses via air freight. This is because there are shorter transport times and better control of temperatures.


How do we store the powdered formula?

We aim to go that extra mile for our customers so that they have a high-quality formula to feed their babies. As well as sourcing the best formulas and adapting better shipping methods, our team works tirelessly to make sure you receive the boxes in perfect condition. Our warehouses are regulated so that the temperature is significantly cooler than the recommended so our products remain in good condition. We also guarantee that when you receive your delivery, all formulas will have at least six months before they are due to expire.


OnlyFormula takes quality control very seriously, so if you have any questions or concerns, our team is happy to help, so send them over an email.