Why use toddler formula?

It is perfectly fine to use cow’s milk after a child turns one, but the benefit of using follow-on formulas means that they have all the nutrients required by their body, as there’s been research into it. As an example, toddler milk has extra calcium, vitamin D, iron, and phosphorous. Furthermore, if a child has already been consuming infant formula, they’re already used to the thickness and texture, so it makes sense to give them the toddler formula once they reach the right age. They are more likely to consume it because they are familiar with the formula already. You can also get hypoallergenic toddler formulas, made for sensitive tummies or even ones for picky eaters.


When to use toddler formula

Stage 3 formulas should be used when the package says it is suitable. Some types can be used as early as 10 months, while others can be used after the child turns one. While giving your child this formula, you should be giving them some solid foods also, including fruit, veg, fiber, grains, and proteins. They should have a varied diet to help them grow.


When switching over, we recommend doing so over a few weeks so the child gradually gets used to the formula. Below is an example of how to wean your toddler onto stage 3 formulas:


Day 1: 2: 25% new formula; 75% old formula or breast milk

Day 3: 4: 50% new formula; 50% old formula or breast milk

Day 5: 6: 75% new formula; 25% old formula or breast milk

Day 7: 100% new formula


This schedule won’t work for everyone, so you have to adjust it to your child.


Different formula types

HiPP Dutch Stage 3 Combiotic Toddler Formula (12+ months) - 900g

HiPP is a very popular brand and is the go-to European option, especially if your child has eaten the stage 2 version or if they’ve been breastfed. It has a lactose base and added whey, making it an excellent source of nutrients. The formula also contains calcium, omega-3s, vitamin D, and iron, but is free of starch, sucrose, corn syrup, gluten, synthetic nutrients, and GMOs.


HiPP UK Stage 3 Combiotic Toddler Formula (12+ months) - 600 g

While this is similar to the above formula, this one is produced in the UK and also contains vitamins A and C. Being EU certified means it has no GMOs, maltodextrin, or soy, and so it provides many essential vitamins and minerals than just cow’s milk.


Jovie Organic Goat Stage 3 (10+ months) Organic Toddler Formula - 800 g

Jovie Goat Organic Toddler Milk provides full fat goat milk goodness. Its Organic & Pure and uses full cream goat milk as the no1 ingredient.


Jovie Goat Organic Toddler Milk is without palm oil and soy and each ingredient that goes into the Jovie Organic Goat Formula is carefully selected so growing toddlers get an extra of exactly what they need.

Holle Bio Stage 3 (10+ months) Organic Toddler Formula - 600g

Holle is a famous, well-trusted European brand; this formula, in particular, has a cow’s milk base, through a shorter ingredient list than others; it contains whey, starch, maltodextrin, biodynamic organic skim milk, iron, calcium, vitamin D and other minerals.


Holle Goat Stage 3 (10+ months) Organic Toddler Formula - 400g

As it says, it has goat milk instead of cow’s milk, alongside vegetable oil blends, maltodextrin, starch, and lactose. Again, as it is certified, it is free of corn syrup, chemical additives, gluten, soy, and sucrose. It contains all the good ingredients such as calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D, and B12. Goat’s milk is better for children with sensitive stomachs as it is easier to digest than cow’s milk. It can help alleviate any digestive discomfort as well -things such as tummy pains, gas, and constipation.


HiPP Comfort Milk Formula (From Birth) - 500 g

Pre- and probiotics are used in this formula to help gut and immune health, as well as vitamins and minerals like ARA and DHA. HiPP Comfort is suitable from birth and doesn't have any glucose syrup, sucrose, GMO, or artificial ingredients. Unlike some others, this can be used from birth up until the toddler stage as it has an easy-to-digest formula and is great for sensitive tummies.


Which one is best?

Nutritionally, stage 3 formulas are more complete, providing the perfect way to ease into weaning, supplementing, or substituting breast milk. Change is huge, so when it comes to your child’s diet, these formulas provide the best bridge to it and make it easier. Growing up milk is a fantastic choice for your toddler over cow milk, but the question is, which one is the best for your child? If you’re unsure, one of our team is more than happy to help, so just send an email over or join our live chat.