Jovie Organic Goat Formulas

Goat milk as our no.1 ingredient!

Jovie’s no.1 ingredient is Organic Goat Milk! Jovie uses full fat goat milk, using all the inherent and natural benefits of goat milk fat. That way, we have to add fewer ingredient – such as palm oil and maltodextrin- to make a complete Organic goat milk formula.

With DHA & AA

Unlike other organic formulas, Jovie Organic goat milk formula is enriched with AA.

Jovie Organic goat milk formula is enriched with AA, unlike other organic formulas. AA (arachidonic acid) is an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid which is present in Jovie Organic Goat infant milk and follow-on milk together with DHA* (docosahexaenoic acid), an unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. Unsaturated fatty acids contribute to normal brain function and vision development of children. When your little one is being introduced to solid foods, fatty fish such as salmon also forms a good additional source of DHA and AA.

* As is described in EU legislation for infant and follow-on formulas.

With GOS

We love comfortable, happy babies. GOS (galacto-oligosaccharide) is an infant formula ingredient that is widely appreciated for its prebiotic properties. Jovie Organic goat milk formula is enriched with organic GOS. Would you like to learn more about dietary fibers? Ask your health care professional.


Say Yes to Goat Milk; Say No to Palm Oil and Maltodextrin.

We always look for the best organic ingredients with the smallest environmental impact. And palm oil does not have a good reputation on that one! Jovie chooses for formulas without palm oil, but with milk fat. Additionally, Jovie chooses lactose instead of maltodextrin because this is the same the carbohydrate found in mothers' milk.

Less Is Not (necessarily) More

Any modern formula will always have a long list of necessary ingredients.

Choosing foods with a short list of ingredients is sometimes part of a strategy for cultivating a healthy diet – and it can be – for adults. While this may be sound advice for adults, this does not apply to infants. It may be tempting to choose a baby formula with fewer ingredients, appearing ‘simple’, or one that contains only familiar ingredients. However, “less” is definitely not “more” when it comes to meeting nutritional needs of infants. The composition of infant formula is regulated. An optimal infant formula thus contains ingredients which are complex and sometimes hard to pronounce. But they are in there for a reason.

Full Fat Milk

Infants should receive about half of their caloric intake from fat. Jovie Organic goat milk formulas are carefully formulated using full fat goat milk as its no. 1 ingredient, using all its inherent benefits. The richness of natural goat milk takes away the need to add undesired ingredients – such as palm oil or maltodextrin– to make a complete formula.

Just Like You We Are Parents Too

We are caring parents and at the same time we are a team of experts in infant nutrition, knowing the importance of healthy nutrition for babies and children. Breastfeeding is of course the preferred choice. But we all have our own unique parenting story - from pregnancy complications and breastfeeding challenges to picky eating habits that some of our older children have developed. We found that goat milk makes perfect sense in an infant formula.

Certified Organic

Jovie chooses organic, a better choice for our families, the goats, and our planet. Our goat milk formulas are certified European organic - produced without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms or hormones. Jovie Organic goat milk formula simply makes sense.


Better for Goats, Better for the Planet, Better for your baby!